MX1-20 Digital Sink Faucet with Temperature Control

MX1-20 Features and Benefits

  • The Brain digital performance, microsized in a point-of-use fixture
  • Programmable hands-free activation and temperature control
  • ASSE1070 approved – no requirement for separate under-sink TMV
  • Bluetooth technology for programming and information management
  • Programmable automatic fixture flush to evacuate stagnant water
  • Sensible thermal disinfection protocol – one fixture at a time
  • Innovative bacteria-resistant internal design
  • Integration with The Brain for complete hot water system monitoring and temperature control
  • SAGE software for system performance monitoring, recording and documentation
  • Integral 12-month data log

MX1-20 Dimensional Drawing

MX1-20 Dimensional Drawing


The MX1-20 is ideal for use in settings that require precise temperature control such as exam rooms, delivery rooms, surgical suites, and emergency services. Variable temperature and flow allow users to select desired levels while master controls set safe minimum and maximum readings.