Effective Steam Trap Surveys

Improve Your Efficiency, Safety, Productivity and Profitability with More Effective Trap Surveys

The advantages gained from reliable, accurate evaluation of your steam trap population can be significant.

Armstrong's sustainable, proactive trap management program is engineered to help you maintain the low trap failure rates necessary for increasing safety and efficiency, improving performance and service life of equipment, and lowering energy use and environmental emissions.

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We offer state-of-the-art trap testing, performed on a yearly basis or more frequently, as appropriate. Surveys include:

  • Evaluation of steam trap performance (functioning, leaking, cold)
  • Diagnosis of the root cause of any trap failures
  • Valve status and condition (visual)
  • Identification of any steam system issues around traps, such as: insulation defects, water hammer, condensate return, piping issues, back pressure, stall conditions
  • Reliable, accurate trap surveys performed by Armstrong's trained, certified technicians
  • Tools and training to help you conduct your own surveys more accurately and efficiently

The consequences of irregular or infrequent trap testing can be very costly.

Neglecting your steam trap surveys can result in significant problems and safety risks. Accurate, consistent testing helps prevent serious issues such as: water hammer, unscheduled downtime and production stoppages, frozen lines, increased energy waste and fuel consumption, as well as increased equipment maintenance, repair and associated hours.

Armstrong Saves You Time, Money and Energy With Two Options for Testing and Managing Your Steam Traps

Whether you perform your own surveys or our certified experts handle them for you—you own your data and we keep it secure.

Armstrong can provide the knowledge, tools and expertise necessary to help you maintain low failure rates and shorten the lead time from detection of an issue to replacement. Providing access to the real-time status of steam traps makes it possible to replace failed traps—before they have a negative impact on your processes and efficiency. Whichever option you choose, your data is owned by you and protected by the high-level security of SAGE®.

Test your own traps more accurately and efficiently

Test your own traps more accurately and efficiently—our trained specialists will show you how.

Armstrong's experts can train your personnel and contractors to consistently and reliably perform more accurate, efficient steam trap surveys using state-of-the-art tools and technology. Certification is also available through Armstrong University.


Armstrong's trained, certified technicians

Armstrong's trained, certified technicians can handle your steam trap surveys for you.

Our technicians are steam and condensate system experts, with extensive experience in testing thousands of steam traps each year. Armstrong survey techs have satisfactorily completed all required Armstrong University coursework for their level, and have met requirements for quantity of trap surveys and different locations in SAGE®.


Case Studies

Improving Steam System Safety and Reliability for the World's Largest Refinery Plant of Its Kind

Shell’s Pearl GTL, Qatar

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Extensive Audit and Custom Solutions Eliminate Severe Water Hammer in the Paris District Heating Loop

CPCU, Paris, France

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Achieving Goals for Efficiency With Armstrong's Proven Trap Management Program

Bowling Green State University, Ohio, U.S.

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Three-week Study Leads to Complete Turnkey Installation to Eliminate Water Hammer for a Major Pharmaceutical Company in Europe

GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium

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Armstrong Designs, Engineers and Installs Condensate Return Solution to Correct Persistent Water Hammer for Major Chemical Company

Dow Chemical, Texas, U.S.

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