Configurable Rack Mounted System with Storage Tank & DRV Generation

ABH Gas Fired Water Heaters deploy an innovative multiple pass condensing technology to deliver operating efficiencies as high as 99.8%. During operation, the energy from the latent and sensible heat from the combustion process is fully optimized by the heat exchanger.

Additionally, a unique, patented Cold Water Injection System (CWIS) within the storage tank ensures that the lowest achievable temperature cold and/or system return water enters the heat exchanger of the ABH.

This design maximizes the condensing condition across a broader operational range than competitive high efficiency technologies.

The cooled condensate which results from the process is evacuated to drain through an integral neutralization system and the residual flue gas exits the system at temperatures so low, that a simplified, lower cost, PVC/CPVC vent system is appropriate under most operating conditions.


ABH Water Heating Systems are designed to efficiently heat and circulate the water between the heat exchanger and tank at 140F or higher to mitigate the incubation of waterborne pathogens, while still optimizing the ABH condensing combustion process.

An integral site programmable Digital Recirculating Valve (The Brain®) is provided pre-piped and factory set to deliver safe, reliable hot water to the building plumbing system.


ABH Water Heating Systems are supplied as standard with on board intelligent control software. Each assembly is also provided with a SAGE® Smart Hot Water System Monitoring and Documentation with BAS interface portal for forward connection to the resident building automation system and/or the application of SAGE information management subscription software.

Customized Solution

ABH Water Heating Systems are designed, tested and applied to match the buildings specific hot water requirements. Armstrong packaged Hot Water Generation & Control Solutions can be accessorized to suit inclusive of system circulation pumps, expansion tanks, water filtration systems and more which are factory built and configured as modular solutions to suit the sites available mechanical room footprint and site ingress.

  • ASME H, AHRI, UL 795* and CSA 3.4* tested and certified.
  • CSD-1 compliant
  • 316L SS water tube heat exchanger
  • 5:1 burner modulation
  • Digital HDMI with LCD Display
  • HOT Control™ Self-Diagnostic Microprocessor & Software
  • Gas inlet pressure transducer
  • Manual reset high limit
  • 208–240 volt split phase power supply
  • < 6.3 amps power consumption @ 240V inclusive of appliance circulator