Natural Gas Solution to Elimate Steam


Gate Gourmet


Bogotá, Colombia 


Gate Gourmet, a world leader in airline and railroad travel catering, unveiled its newest, most sophisticated facility in Bogotá, Colombia to strengthen its presence and leadership in the catering industry. Gate Gourmet required a high-efficiency hot water generation system using natural gas to be used for multiple services such as hygienic wash down of equipment, food preparation food, industrial dishwashing, and laundry services. 

Scope of Work:

Armstrong International commissioned and installed a fully-packaged Flo-Direct® Complete Thermal Exchange (CTE) gas-fired water heater to meet Gate Gourmet’s production, efficiency, and natural gas requirements. Armstrong’s Flo-Direct® solution is compact, low maintenance, and is 99.7% efficient. The Flo-Direct® eliminated potential steam consumption, which provided significant savings in hot water generation and retrofit equipment. 


All hot water required for the plant is now generated by the Flo-Direct®. The Flo-Direct® provides hot water at 140°F (60°C) and replaced inefficient steam consumption. As a result the plant is now entirely steam free.

~ South America
Food & Beverage
Solution type: 
Hot Water Generation
Gate Gourmet