TVS 6000UD Forged Steel Trap Valve Station

Introducing the TVS 6000UD Forged Steel Trap Valve Station

Armstrong continues to consistently deliver groundbreaking steam system solutions to provide best-in-class quality, service longevity and value, and improved benefits to save you space, time and money. The TVS 6000UD features a compact double isolation and bleed design with a 360° connector in a single compact trap station to increase safety, simplify testing and reduce costs.

TVS 6000UD 10-in-One Trap Valve Station

  • Increased safety when replacing steam traps thanks to double insolation and bleed concept
  • Refurbish existing trap stations without piping modification
  • Replace Traps in 5 Minutes 
  • Test Valve Simplifies Trap Testing 
  • Installation Versatility with 2-bolt Universal Connector 
  • Single Compact Trap Station Reduces Costs 
  • Reduce Potential Leaks
  • Connection Flexibility (from ½’’ to 1’’ SW, BW, BSPT, NPT, flanges EN or ANSI)
  • Piston Valve Technology
  • 3-years Guarantee

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