TS-2/TS-3 Radiator Traps

For Pressures to 65 psig (4.5 bar). . .
Capacities to 1,600 lb/hr (726/kg)

Armstrong Series TS radiator traps are offered in both angle and straight patterns. The TS-2 has a balanced pressure thermostatic element with a high quality multiple-convolution bellows. It’s ideal for draining equipment such as steam radiators and convectors, small heat exchangers, unit heaters and steam air vents. The TS-2 comes with a strong cast bronze body and a stainless seat. The valve and seat are renewable in-line.

The TS-3 is a heavy-duty wafer-type trap for the drainage of all types of steam radiators and convectors. Its wafer design is well suited to systems prone to water hammer, which may damage conventional bellows-type units. The TS-3 is repairable in-line and has an all-stainless steel wafer element.