TVS 4000 Series Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station

The stainless steel version of the remarkable Armstrong Trap Valve Station (TVS) gives you two piston-style isolation valves, a test valve and an integral stainless steel strainer with blowdown valve—all merged in a single, versatile package. What’s more, the unique Armstrong connector makes the TVS compatible with all of these:

  • Inverted bucket
  • Disc
  • Thermostatic
  • Thermostatic wafer
  • Bimetallic
  • Float and thermostatic
  • Two-bolt steam traps from other manufacturers

With Armstrong’s Trap Valve Station, you’ll profit from all of these benefits:

  • Reduced costs. TVS saves by eliminating potential leak points and reducing installation and maintenance time.
  • Multiple functions. TVS has test and strainer blowdown valves. When installed with Armstrong Model 2011 and 2022 steam traps, it will also accommodate the Armstrong pop drain, and SteamEye®—remote steam trap monitoring and testing devices.
  • Reduced design time. Permits combining products with exact face-to-face dimensions.
  • Three-year guarantee. The TVS is guaranteed for three years.
  • Easy, in-line repairability with maximum safety. TVS allows isolation at point of service with upstream/downstream depressurization.
  • Installation versatility. The TVS is adaptable to any manufacturer’s two-bolt steam trap and piping configuration.
  • Simplified trap testing. You get enhanced capability to check trap operation and a built-in method to block and bleed traps.