Armstrong is a leading supplier of radiator traps. Armstrong continues to serve the special needs of homeowners, hotels, commercial buildings, schools, universities—anyone who uses steam radiators to heat their buildings.

Armstrong Series TS Radiator Traps are offered in both angle and straight patterns. The TS-2 has a balanced pressure thermostatic element with a high-quality multiple-convolution bellows. It’s ideal for draining equipment such as steam radiators and convectors, small heat exchangers, unit heaters and steam air vents. The TS-2 comes with a strong, cast bronze body and a stainless seat. The valve and seat are renewable in-line.

The TS-3 is a heavy duty, wafer-type trap for the drainage of all types of steam radiators and convectors. Its wafer design is well suited to systems prone to water hammer, which may damage conventional bellows-type units. The TS-3 is repairable in-line and has an all-stainless steel wafer element.

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