FF-4000 Series Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap with freely floating ball

All stainless steel with universal connector

For pressures to 250 psig (17 barg) . . .
Capacities to 1 050 lb/hr (476 kg/hr)

With the FF-4000 Series’ 360° universal connector, you can install the float and thermostatic trap to fit any piping configuration.  You get the reliability of the freely floating ball and thermostatic design plus all the benefits of all-stainless steel construction.

  • A sealed, tamperproof package
  • A compact, lightweight trap
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • A three-year guarantee against defective materials and  workmanship

FF-4000 Series Float and Thermostatic steam traps combine savings in three important areas: energy, installation and replacement.  Mounting the FF-4000 on universal connectors provide quick and easy in-line replacement.

Maximum Operating Conditions

Maximum allowable pressure (vessel design):

Model FF-4250 300 psig @ 650°F (20.7 bar @ 343°C)

Model FF-4450 600 psig @ 800°F (41.4 bar @ 427°C)