CD-40 and CD-60 Series Controlled Disc Steam Traps

For pressures to 600 psig (41 barg) . . .
Capacities to 2 850 lb/hr (1 295 kg/hr)

Armstrong CD-40 and CD-60 Series controlled disc traps contain a replaceable capsule, making it possible to renew a worn trap by simply replacing the capsule. A heating chamber in the shell ensures consistent operation. This steam jacket provides a relatively constant temperature in the control chamber regardless of ambient conditions. Cycling rate is controlled and does not increase when the trap is exposed to cold winds, rain or snow. CD-40 Series traps are also available with optional integral .045 perforated stainless steel strainer screens. CD-60 Series traps contain integral strainers with ratios of open area to inside area of pipe that equal or exceed those of most separate Y-type strainers.