WMT-AB Series Bimetallic Traps

Stainless Steel 

For pressures to 250 psig (17 barg) . . . 
Cold water capacities to 2 850 lb/hr (1 292 kg/hr)

The thermostatic bimetallic steam trap, type WMT-AB stainless steel is designed for pressures to 250 psig (17 barg) Cold water Start-Up Capacities to 2,850 lb/hr. (1,292 kg/hr.) This trap adjusts automatically to flow rates, including start-up loads, at all pressures within its range.

The WM-AB is targeted for light load tracing applications in chemical plants and refineries. In some of these applications, condensate return for the tracers is not possible or has not yet been implemented by the customer.

In remote areas of the plant or simply areas where the individual tracer lines are permitted to hang down from the pipe work a lightweight trap is required.