SH-1600 Series Bimetallic Superheat Traps

Armstrong’s SH-1600 series bimetallic steam traps operate in superheat conditions. The SH Series steam traps operate by the effect that rising temperature has on the bimetallic elements.

How it Operates:
  • At start-up the valve is wide open allowing a large volume of non-condensables and cold condensate to be removed from the system
  • When the trap reaches steam temperature, the bimetallic elements pull the valve into the seat closing the trap
  • The valve remains closed until the bimetallic elements cool thus allowing the valve to crack open, vent the condensate and non-condensables, and then close again when steam temperature is reached
Features & Benefits:
  • Adjusts automatically to changing conditions
  • Utilizes titanium valves and seats to ensure extremely long service life in harsh environments
  • Forged chrome-moly steel construction with integral stainless steel strainer
  • In-line repairable
  • Stacked nickel-chrome bimetal operator with titanium valve and seat
  • Operates on low load and superheat applications through its pressure/temperature range