AB-3000 Series

All Stainless Steel

For Pressures to 319 psig (22 barg) . . .
Capacities to 4 630 lb/hr (2 100 kg/hr)

Armstrong’s AB-3000 Bimetallic Steam Trap operates by the effect that rising temperature has on bimetallic elements. It adjusts itself to changing conditions, as the increasing pressure on the valve is compensated by the curving of the bimetallic elements caused by the increasing temperature.

Armstrong’s AB-3000 has a sealed, stainless steel body that is lightweight, compact and highly resistant to corrosion. The AB-3000 is repairable (body and cap can be unscrewed). It is piped through the Armstrong 360° Universal Connector or Trap Valve Station (TVS). This makes it easy to install and replace, as the trap can be removed while the connector remains in-line. The result is savings in labor cost and increasing in flexibility, as other trap types (Inverted Bucket, Thermostatic and Thermodynamic) can be installed on the same connector.