Bimetallic steam traps have the ability to handle large start-up loads. As the system increases in temperature and pressure, the trap’s stacked nickel-chrome bimetallic elements start to expand, allowing for tight shutoff as steam reaches the trap, thus preventing steam loss.

The bimetallic trap offers resistance to water hammer. A titanium valve and seat on high-pressure bimetallic traps ensure extremely long service life in the harsh environment of superheated steam systems.

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Pressures to 400 psig / 28 bar
Pressures to 900 psig /62 bar
Pressures to 650 psig / 45 barg
Pressures to 1245 psig / 86 barg
Pressures to 1500 psig / 104 barg
Pressures to 320 psig / 22 barg
Pressures to 319 psig / 22 barg
SH-300 Series Superheat Traps
Pressures to 580 psig / 40 barg
Pressures to 250 psig / 17 barg