With traditional steam trap management programs, trap inspections usually occur only once a year—with no recognition that traps fail every day. In fact, failed traps lose steam an average of six months before they receive attention. Clearly, this is a reactive approach that waits for something to go wrong (the event).

A best practice approach (process) is proactive, and it’s continually evolving to meet changing conditions. Just think—here’s an opportunity to know instantly when a steam trap fails. And once you are armed with this up-to-the-minute steam trap information, you can immediately take corrective action and plot with pinpoint accuracy the results of your measures. Talk about valuable reporting!


With a best practice system, you get them all. Today, the stakes are too high to trust your future to products alone. Cutting-edge products plus partners with insight and initiative is the combination you need to meet your energy goals. Enter Armstrong.

Armstrong’s SteamEye® is the remarkable tool to reduce labor and energy costs by constantly—and automatically—monitoring your steam trap population. Armstrong’s Sage™ is the Web-based application that will create company-wide awareness of and accountability for a whole new level of steam savings. Working together, they can collect moment-to-moment steam trap data and instantly report this information through a secure online platform, affording easy access to key personnel who need to make timely, money-saving decisions.