Python® 1100 Series Control Valves

Squeezing Out Performance

When accurate control is desired from your steam or water applications, the Armstrong Python® 1100 Series Control Valve will squeeze every bit of performance out of your system and deliver precise control. With a wide range of materials, sizes, trim, and other features, you are sure to find that the Python can accurately control your system. The Python 1100 Series Control Valve is constructed and equipped with state of the art materials.

  • Series 1100 valves are globe two-way single seated body design valves, which satisfy the majority of control applications for HVAC, industrial and commercial markets.
  • Body with top entry trim and bolted bonnet facilitates easy access to all internal parts for in-line inspection, maintenance and trim replacement.
  • Stream line flow path provides large flow capacity.
  • Variety of trim options available to satisfy vast application range including reduced port trims, enabling nearest accurate selection for precise control requirements.
  • Trims with top bush guided plugs are available with simple construction for stable operation, assuring high rangeability and turndown ratios.
  • Micro trims available for control of minute flow rates.
  • Trims with large guide plugs are available for full pressure balancing effect providing an economical choice for high pressure applications.
  • All parts are renewable in-line.
  • Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners
  • Carbon steel body construction
  • Reverse and direct acting multi-spring actuators
  • Available in 1/2" - 2" NPT and 2-1/2" - 4" ANSI flange design
  • Rated for Class IV shut-off