GP-2000 Orifice Plate Series

External Pilot Solenoid Operated Valves

The GP-2000 On/Off option allows for remote shutoff of pressure reducing valves. Automatic shutoff during power failures and shutoff based on set points of pressure, temperature or liquid levels of process fluids. This option is available as an accessory item or may be factory installed on any of the GP-2000 Series valves. The GP-2000 On/Off is designed for a maximum pressure of 150 psig and a maximum temperature of 366°F NEMA IV standard coil: class H 110V standard. The valve is available with normally open or normally closed solenoids.

Non-Electric Gradient Monitoring Option (Between Water and Steam Pressure)

The GP-2000W1P provides a safe and dependable shutdown of steam when the water pressure falls or drops rapidly on a constant pressure, steam-to-water exchanger. Unlike a solenoid option that shuts the steam down when  the water pressure drops below a pre-set point, the GP-2000W1P always maintains a constant steam pressure until water pressure drops to within 3 psig above the steam pressure. Lower water pressure will cause the steam pressure to fall, thereby maintaining a minimum 3 psig difference. This will allow the exchanger to produce hot water even when water pressure is low, and ensures that steam pressure will stay functional as long as water pressure is above 15 psig.

Noise Treatment

OSHA has established limits on the length of time any employee may be exposed to various sound  levels. A sound level of 85 Dba or less is the acceptable standard for noise levels through a PRV in most applications. Certain facilities may require much less. Please consult Armstrong PRV Sizing Software or contact the local Armstrong factory representative for Dba levels for each application.

Currently available in North America.