Armstrong pump traps offer the following features, advantages and benefits:


Utilizes inexpensive steam, air or gas for operation and has no seals, motors, impellers or electric components, which frequently fail.

Wear and corrosion resistance

Mechanism frame assembly is constructed of rugged investment-cast stainless steel components.

Stress chloride corrosion resistance

Inconel X-750 springs have higher resistance to the stress that causes lower-grade stainless steel springs to fail.

Corrosion resistance

Entire float mechanism is stainless steel. Float is Heliarc welded to avoid the introduction of dissimilar metals, which could lead to galvanic corrosion and float failure.

Externally replaceable valve and seat assembly

Maintenance is a "snap" with hardened stainless steel valves that can be cleaned or replaced without cap removal .

Explosion proof

Intrinsically safe due to all-stainless steel construction of mechanism.

Long life and dependable service

Simple float/spring operation and rugged all-stainless steel construction allow for long, trouble-free service life.

Compact, low-profile design

Low-profile design allows for maximum pump capacity with minimal fill head and floor space requirements. PT-300 Series horizontal tank design provides the highest capacity with the lowest profile on the market.

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< 1800 lb/hr / 816 kg/hr
Up to 3,700 lb/hr / 1678 kg/hr
Up to 12,200 lb/hr / 5534 kg/hr
Up to 14,500 lb/hr / 6532 kg/hr
Up to 80,000 lb/hr / 36363 kg/hr