XR-1502 Series - Multi-Point

Multi-point purgers are designed for systems that have as many as 34 points to be purged. The Multi-Point purger has an operation similar to the XR-1501 due to a similar float switch. The PLC Control has the advantage over other purgers due to the ability to start and stop itself. The PLC control operates all operational solenoids for the purger along with up to 34 purge point solenoid valves. This gives the advantage over clock timers in the fact that the controller can "learn" as it cycles through the system. As the purger accumulates air and purges, the controller records and prioritizes each purge point in its memory. The next time through the purge points, the auto-adaptive controller opens the points in the order in which the most air was found on the previous cycle. This leads to the most efficient purge operation possible.  As with all Armstrong purgers, the XR-1502 series is available ready to pipe or can be pre-piped on a frame for easy installation. 

    Armstrong also offers a retrofit package for existing, older Arrmstrong systems. Consult the factory or your Armstrong Representative.