XR-1501 Series - Single Point

The Armstrong Single-Point Purger Controller is used with Armstrong XR-1501 Series refrigerant purgers fitted with a float and temperature sensor assembly. This combination provides a simple, effective and efficient means of removing air and other non-condensable gases from refrigeration systems.

The controller continuously monitors the liquid level and temperature inside the purger body. When the float switch indicates an accumulation of gas, and the temperature inside the purger is below the set point, the purge solenoid will be energized to vent the non-condensables from the system. The purge light on the controller will light up when the purge solenoid is energized.

The purge solenoid will de-energize and close when the float switch indicates all the non-condensables have been purged or when the temperature inside the purger exceeds the set point.

Armstrong also offers a retrofit package for existing, older Armstrong systems. Consult the factory or your Armstrong Representative.