Conditioned steam showers

Armstrong steam showers are designed to create a stratum of high humidity in close proximity to a fast-moving sheet or film. The objective may be to prevent accumulation of troublesome static electricity. Or the shower may be used to prevent loss of moisture from the sheet or film.

If the sheet or film is hot, as it very likely may be, it tends to give up its moisture very quickly. The properly sized and installed steam shower, by creating a laminar zone of high humidity adjacent to the sheet or film, prevents this loss to maintain the desired moisture content.

In virtually all applications, however, it is essential that the steam be discharged in a “dry” state—that is, with no water droplets or liquid spray. The unique design of Armstrong steam showers ensures this.

Separator-control units are identical in design and operation to equivalent humidifier models. The distribution manifolds have been specially modified to operate under slight pressure to meet the specific requirements of steam shower service.

Electrically controlled and pneumatically controlled models are offered in two sizes.