Simple, natural and efficient process

The EVAPACK® Series efficiently converts ordinary tap water to water vapor using an adiabatic process. Dry air passes through a corrugated bank of wetted cells media made from nonorganic wet fibers. EVAPACK® series uses the sensible air heat to evaporate the water to consume less energy and minimize pressure drop. The air is cooled and humidified.

EVAPACK® humidifier is easy and fast to install given its compact design with a maximum footprint of 23.6 inches (600mm). The design features easily accessible humidifier cassettes and can also be quickly disassembled for a simplified maintenance.

EVAPACK® has been designed to get the highest air/water contact surface. Up to 12% more than traditional evaporative pads.

EVAPACK® Evaporative Pad Features:

The EVAPACK® evaporative pad is an inorganic pad made of fiberglass sheets.

High degree of wetting - Special impregnated glass fibre material that allows for high moisture absorptive capability, ensuring continuous humidification.

Rigid - The media has a corrugated and compact structure. No rigidity loss. No fiber loss in the air flow.

Safe - None harmful substances. Complies the Directive Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) 2011/65/UE (2002/95/CE). Free of odor from chemical and organics.

Hygienic - Fulfils the requirements from the VDI 6022, Part 1 (04/2006) in microbial inertness and is suitable for use in HVAC-systems relating to this examination of microbial inertness.

Fireproof - Non-combustible Euro Class “A1” according to EN ISO 1716:2011 and UNE EN ISO 1182:2011

Versatile - EVAPACK® evaporative pad accepts any potable water, soft water and reverse osmosis water. It can be used in all industrial and comfort applications.

Efficient - The EVAPACK® evaporative corrugation flute angle configuration has been designed to maximize the efficiency and minimize pressure drop.

Only available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.