ERS Series – Electric Steam Humidifiers

ERS Series is heater type steam humidifier. It is designed to provide sterile steam for applications requiring precise and sanitary humidification. This is the only humidifier with a tilting tank allowing easy and fast maintenance.

Armstrong Series ERS converts potable tap water to steam and distributes it to bring the relative humidity up to the desired level. It’s ideal for providing humidification where no steam is available or where a steam line is too far.

The humidity demand, sensed by the transmitter, is indicated by the ERS demand display. A microprocessor converts this demand signal into an amperage requirement. The internal power contactor closes, heating the resistances, and the fill valve begins to fill the tank.

This humidification series is only available in Europe, Middle East and Asia.



  • Capacities from 6kg/h to 104kg/h (11lb/h to 229lb/h)

  • Accept all common signals, native and BACnet

  • Over temperature protection

  • Menus available in 8 languages

  • Signal accuracy: +/- 2%

Easy servicing:

  • Permanent tilting tank

  • Self-cleaning heater elements in incoloy

  • Supplied with a flexible limescale collecting bag

  • Maintenance & alert messages on display

  • Cooling cycles before maintenance.

The ERS-LC is the compact version of the ERS humidifier producing 2.5 kg/h to 30 kg/h (5.50 lb/h to 66.1 lb/h). The boiler is a stainless-steel cylinder equipped with self-cleaning incoloy heating elements.

Optional equipment for the ERS and ERS-LC humidifiers:

  • Remote information board (Maintenance, steam production and fault).
  • LonWorks protocol.
  • Protective cabinets for outdoor installations.
  • Support legs for floor installations.
  • Stainless steel waste water tank for draining facilities.
  • Cooling Kit for draining waters (standard with the ERS-LC).