Series 1000

The Armstrong Series 1000 stainless steel humidifier is the ideal choice for sensitive environments where pure demineralized, deionized or distilled water is used to generate clean steam.

  • Reduced corrosion threat. Since Armstrong uses stainless steel for all wetted parts, the Series 1000 prevents problems caused by corrosion and subsequent carryover of corrosion by-products.
  • No condensation through radiation. The internal plug-type metering valve is an integral part of the steam separator and is completely steam-jacketed to prevent condensation through radiation. What’s more, the steam-jacketed steam distribution manifold completely surrounds the distribution pipe with steam at supply pressure, further reducing condensation due to radiation loss.
  • Effective silencing. Thanks to a drying chamber that is jacketed by the separating chamber and filled with a stainless steel silencing medium, most of the noise of escaping steam is absorbed.
  • Dry steam discharge. Steam entering the drying chamber is at supply temperature and essentially atmospheric pressure, so any remaining mist is re-evaporated.
  • Maximum separation. The interior baffle conditions the steam by forcing it to make two 180˚ turns, ensuring optimum velocity reduction and maximum separation.
  • Dependable inverted bucket drainage. With only two moving parts, the reliable, energy-saving inverted bucket steam trap provides reliable drainage with a design that allows failure open—important on open-end service.

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