The Brain® Model DMC40-40

DRV40 pre-piped Digital Mixing Center supplied with all requisite installation components. DMC40-40 includes two DRV40 for systems which experience diverse draw-off between 0 - 115 GPM* or require DRV redundancy - 2.5” union connections.

Operational Specifications

  • +/-2°F water temperature control at points of use 25’ downstream during demand
  • +/-2°F water temperature control at the DRV during zero system demand “idling” periods
  • 2°F minimum valve inlet to outlet temperature requirement (system recirculation temperature loss)
  • Automatic shutoff of hot water flow upon cold water inlet supply failure
  • Automatic shutoff of hot water flow in the event of a power failure
  • Programmable set point range of 81-158°F (27-70°C)
  • Programmable thermal disinfection mode
  • Programmable 1st level hi/lo temp alarm display
  • Programmable temperature error level for safety shutdown
  • SAGE® enabled