The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valve (DRV) and Digital Mixing Centers (DMC) are specifically designed for use in a pumped recirculating hot water system.
The Brain®
Models DRV40, DRV50, and DRV80
The Brain® and SAGE™
Models DRV40BS, DRV50BS, and DRV80BS
The Brain® with Recirculation Manifold
Models DRV40R, DRV50R, and DRV80R
The Brain® with Recirculating Manifold And SAGE™
Models DRV40RBS, DRV50RBS, and DRV80RBS
The Brain® Digital Mixing Centers
Models DMC40, DMC40-40, DMC50, DMC80, DMC80-80, and DMC80-80-80
The Brain® Digital Mixing Centers and SAGE™
Models DMC40BS, DMC40-40BS, DMC50BS, DMC80BS, DMC80-80BS, and DMC80-80-80BS