Now, you can literally see what you’ve been missing—the early warning signs of a drain trap or system problem. Since you’ll know the operating condition of a drain trap, you won’t waste time and money scheduling maintenance that isn’t needed. In other words, you will be able to react to a condition before it becomes a problem.

A simple ball float mechanism requiring no electricity to operate, the Armstrong 1-LDC discharges automatically only when liquid is present. That means no air loss as with timed devices, which open even when liquid is not present.

Moisture in a compressed air system causes a variety of problems—everything from dirt fouling and potential corrosion to water hammer. Getting the water out—automatically and reliably—builds greater efficiency into your system. In short, pay attention to your compressed air system, and you’ll probably pay less to compress air.

Compare and save the difference
Seeing really is believing—especially when you compare the Armstrong see-thru drain trap with cast iron units. Measure the difference in the time and money you can save with a more efficient, easier-to-maintain compressed air system.