EHU-750 Series

Armstrong’s EHU-750 Series Electrode Humidifier is a reliable electrode humidifier producing sterile steam for humidification needs in healthcare and commercial industries. The steam production is pure, sterile and free of minerals. 

The Armstrong EHU Series converts drinkable water to steam and distributes it to bring the relative humidity up to the desired level. It’s ideal for providing humidification where no steam is available or where a steam source is too remote.

This humidification series is only available in Europe, Middle East and Asia.


  • Capacity ranging from 5 kg/h to 99 kg/h (2.2 lb/h to 218 lb/h)
  • Accepts all common control signals and Modbus protocol
  • Conductivity from 125μS/cm to 1250μS/cm
  • Possible conductivity 30μS/cm (subject to approval)
  • Disposable and cleanable cylinders
  • Plain stainless-steel electrodes
  • Menus available in 8 languages (Optional for EHU 751)
  • Easy to operate and to install

Available Options:

  • Remote information board providing information on maintenance, steam production and defect
  • Sanitation system (keeping up water temperature inside boiler)
  • Protective cabinets for outdoor installations
  • Support legs for ground installation
  • Stainless steel waste water tank for draining facilities
  • Bacnet connection
  •  LonWorks connection
  • Drain Cooling Kit
  • The anti-freeze option prevents the risk of bacterial contamination.