MX1-20NT Digital Sink Faucet

MX1-20NT Features and Benefits

  • The Brain digital performance, microsized in a point-of-use fixture
  • Programmable hands-free activation
  • ASSE1070 approved – no requirement for separate under-sink TMV
  • Bluetooth technology for programming and information management
  • Programmable automatic fixture flush to evacuate stagnant water
  • Sensible thermal disinfection protocol – one fixture at a time
  • Innovative bacteria-resistant internal design
  • Integration with The Brain for complete hot water system monitoring and temperature control
  • SAGE software for system performance monitoring, recording and documentation
  • Integral 12-month data log

MX1-20NT Dimensional Drawing

MX1-20NT Dimensional Drawing


The MX1-20NT is ideal for use in settings that do not require precise user selection of temperature, such as public washrooms and waiting areas. Integrated valve removes the need for a separate ASSE1070 valve.