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Armstrong consistently saves time, money and energy for some of the largest, most efficient companies in the world.

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Trap Management and Oversight Case Studies

Award-winning Steam Trap Management Program Increases Efficiency, Safety and Savings

Western Michigan University, Michigan, U.S

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The Proof: How Long Do Armstrong Inverted Bucket Steam Traps Really Last?

World's Largest Oil Refiner, Global

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Steam Trap Management Program Delivers Significant Cost Savings and Reduced Carbon Emissions for Prominent University

Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.

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Achieving Goals for Efficiency With Armstrong's Proven Trap Management Program

Bowling Green State University, Ohio, U.S.

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Complete Oversight of Steam Trap Population Throughout All Academic Buildings on Campus

McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

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Major Oil Refinery Realizes Over $1 Million in Savings After Extensive Steam Trap Upgrades

Marathon, Illinois, U.S.

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Steam and Condensate System Management for Large Chemical Company Includes 4,000 Steam Traps

Rohm & Haas Company, Texas, U.S.

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Water Hammer and Safety Case Studies

Armstrong Designs, Engineers and Installs Condensate Return Solution to Correct Persistent Water Hammer for Major Chemical Company

Dow Chemical, Texas, U.S.

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Extensive Audit and Custom Solutions Eliminate Severe Water Hammer in the Paris District Heating Loop

CPCU, Paris, France

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Improving Steam System Safety and Reliability for the World's Largest Refinery Plant of Its Kind

Shell’s Pearl GTL, Qatar

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Three-week Study Leads to Complete Turnkey Installation to Eliminate Water Hammer for a Major Pharmaceutical Company in Europe

GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium

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Wireless System Monitoring Case Studies

Automatic Steam Trap Monitoring for Veteran's Hospital Reduces Labor and Energy Costs

James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, Florida, U.S.

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Turnkey Retrofit Installation of Wireless Steam Trap Monitoring Addresses Lack of Personnel for VA Healthcare System

The Amarillo VA Health Care System, Texas, U.S.

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Turnkey Retrofit Installation of Wireless Steam Trap Monitoring on Health System's High and Medium Pressure Traps

VA Palo Alto Health Care System, California, U.S.

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Wireless Steam Trap Monitoring in Military Facility's Classified Area

Bangor Military Facility, Northwestern U.S.

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Wireless Steam Trap Monitoring Reduces Steam Loss and Consumption for a VA Healthcare System

VA New York Harbor Healthcare System Manhattan Campus, New York, U.S.

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Steam System Optimization Case Studies

Multi-year Agreement to Maintain and Optimize Food Facility's Steam System With 1,200 Steam Traps

H.J. Heinz, Ontario, Canada

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On-site Steam System Optimization Expertise for Refinery in England

Conoco Phillips, England

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Steam System Optimization Enables Food Company to Reduce Fuel Consumption While Increasing Condensate Return

Danone de Mexico, Mexico

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Steam and Condensate System Optimization Includes Engineering Design, Material Purchasing, Installation and More

Liaoyang Petrochemical Company Polyester No. 1, Nylon Plant, China

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Complete Steam System Optimization Reduces Energy Consumption and Helps Increase Production Throughput

Unilever de Mexico, Mexico

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Training and Education Case Studies

Comprehensive Training for More Than 1,000 Employees of Large Steel Manufacturer

ArcelorMittal Steel North America, West Virginia – Ohio, U.S

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University's Facilities and Maintenance Staff Utilizes Armstrong's Online Training Curriculum

University of Texas at Austin, Texas, U.S.

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Armstrong University Online Courses Supplement College Lectures for Piping Apprenticeship Training

Camosun College, British Columbia, Canada

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