Energy Audit

Comprehensive, On-site Thermal Utility Evaluations

Our experts will conduct a complete examination of your utility system, including steam, condensate, heat recovery, hot water, O&M, water/wastewater treatment, electrical, HVAC, and more.

At Armstrong, we apply a uniquely holistic approach to system optimization that enables us to identify opportunities for improvement, uncover inefficiencies and reveal the root cause of any current or potential issues. Our utility experts will conduct a comprehensive, on-site examination of your entire utility system to evaluate your steam generation/distribution, condensate return systems, heat recovery systems, hot water systems, lighting systems, water/wastewater treatment, electrical system, operating and maintenance efficiency, and hvac systems (heating and cooling).

Once the results have been thoroughly analyzed, we will provide you with a detailed report that includes schematic drawings, recommended Energy Conservation Measures, estimated return on your investment, and more. Our specialists will determine the intelligent solution that will be most effective and work hardest to achieve your goals.

Armstrong is here to make things easier for you. From your energy audit, through custom engineering, installation, implementation, training and everyday operations and maintenance, we are hands-on, accessible and with you every step of the way.