For any healthcare organization, providing a safe, comfortable environment for patients and staff is a vital concern fraught with obstacles and complex issues. Patient satisfaction, and ultimately your bottom line, can be impacted by your ability to manage air quality, humidity levels, sterilization, and hot water distribution and water temperature control—while facing demands to cut costs and emissions. Armstrong is a global leader in energy management. We can manage your steam, humidification and hot water and we can do it better than anyone in the world. Our experts apply a uniquely holistic approach to uncover the root cause of each issue, resulting in intelligent solutions that save time, money and energy for organizations throughout the global healthcare market.

As your thermal utility partner, Armstrong is here to make things easier. We improve patient and staff safety by reducing static discharge, ensuring proper sterilization, and producing water hot enough to retard incubation of water-borne bacteria such as Legionella, but with a system that fails cold to prevent scalding. We increase patient satisfaction with proper humidification, improved air quality, and instantaneous hot water generation and water temperature control. Armstrong helps you meet rising demands for sustainability, energy and water conservation, and reduced carbon footprint, preserving your status as good environmental stewards and responsible corporate citizens.

From system design for a new facility to custom engineering and turnkey installations, Armstrong does it all. We provide on-site system solutions, hardworking products, quality manufacturing, and groundbreaking services. On the forefront of technology and innovation, Armstrong offers wireless monitoring, energy loss and system performance reports for all of your major utilities, live data gathering, digital solutions, the best utilities management software on the market, and more. We give you the advantage of consistent accuracy with state-of-the-art tools such as automatic steam quality monitoring—one of many solutions found only at Armstrong.

More than a century of sage knowledge and in-depth expertise enables us to serve you in ways no one else can. This wealth of insight and information is conveniently accessible through Armstrong University. To learn more about what Armstrong International can do for you, or to speak with an Armstrong expert from your region of the world, please contact us. When you turn to Armstrong, you can consider it done.