Instantaneous hot water and digital temperature control, steam traps, condensate management, flow measurement, automatic steam quality testing and more—we do it all.

For the pharmaceutical industry, remaining competitive is a growing challenge. Tight margins, rising costs, patent expirations, safety issues, government regulations and sanitation requirements, as well as increasing demands to conserve energy and water while reducing your carbon footprint are just some of the issues that confront you daily. Energy management that addresses these vital concerns can be an obstacle, or an opportunity, depending on where you turn for solutions. As your thermal utility partner, Armstrong makes things easier. We're global leaders in energy management and our intelligent solutions in steam, air and hot water consistently save time, money and energy for some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

From system design for your new facility to custom-engineering solutions for each of your existing plants worldwide, Armstrong does it all. Our experts will manage your system for you, or provide knowledge and training to help you manage it yourself more efficiently. We offer on-site solutions, turnkey installations, hardworking products, innovative services, quality manufacturing, and groundbreaking technology for monitoring, measuring and notification—all demonstrating unparalleled value and improved utility performance. Armstrong can even provide automatic steam quality testing to meet EN285 pure steam validation requirements—we are the only company in the world to offer this solution.

At Armstrong, we apply a uniquely holistic approach to uncover inefficiencies and reveal the root cause of any issues before implementing the best solution. By optimizing your processes, we can increase your productivity and efficiency through proper thermal balancing of your system. Armstrong not only solves your problems, we prevent them with reliable, long-term, sustainable solutions designed to provide superior return on your investment.

More than a century of sage knowledge and in-depth industry expertise enables us to serve you in ways no one else can. You can access this wealth of insight and information conveniently through Armstrong University. To learn more about what Armstrong International can do for you, or to speak with an Armstrong expert from your region of the world, please contact us. When you turn to Armstrong, you can consider it done.