Some of the world's leading HPI/CPI companies turn to Armstrong for intelligent thermal utility solutions in steam, air, hot water and flow measurement.

Keeping pace with the demands of a changing climate while remaining productive and profitable is a growing challenge for the hydrocarbon and chemical refining industries. Today's rigorous standards for environmental safety and quality are increasingly difficult to achieve in the face of daily pressures such as tight margins and balancing supply and demand. Addressing these issues effectively, while maximizing worker safety and production uptime, requires vast knowledge and experience that only an industry expert like Armstrong can provide. We're global leaders in energy management, and our intelligent solutions in thermal utilities consistently save time, money and energy for some of the largest, most efficient companies in the industry. In fact, Armstrong products are working hard in a majority of plants, worldwide.

As your thermal utility partner, Armstrong becomes your greatest asset. From piping design to complete system optimization, we do it all. Our experts will apply our global resources and expertise to help you design, build and maintain hydrocarbon and chemical processing plants that meet stringent environmental requirements. The products and services we offer are engineered for improved safety and increased production uptime, and we can provide you with extensive knowledge and training to help you operate and maintain your thermal utilities more efficiently and safely. Armstrong's worldwide network of industry-leading knowledge, expertise and technical resources is here to make things easier for you, solving problems and preventing them with reliable, long-term, sustainable solutions that deliver superior return on your investment.

Armstrong takes a uniquely holistic approach that considers your entire system to uncover inefficiencies and reveal the root cause of an issue before implementing the best solution. We can detect and close steam leaks, prevent water hammer and freeze ups, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Armstrong provides proven solutions, turnkey installations, custom engineering, hardworking products and innovative services. Our groundbreaking technological tools include wireless monitoring, continuous auditing, automatic testing, and software that enables your plant to monitor, benchmark and trend the steam utility segment of your business. At Armstrong, everything we offer is designed to demonstrate unparalleled value and improved utility performance.

More than a century of sage knowledge and in-depth expertise enables us to serve you in ways no one else can. You can access our wealth of insight and information conveniently through Armstrong University. To learn more about what Armstrong International can do for you, or to speak with an Armstrong expert from your region of the world, please contact us. When you turn to Armstrong, you can consider it done.