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Armstrong Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Water Heater

Reduce your energy consumption and costs with Armstrong Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Water Heaters—the most energy efficient method of hot water production on the market today. By generating hot water instantaneously, Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Water Heaters eliminate the wasteful step of producing steam in order to produce hot water. Armstrong is a global leader in hot water system design, operation and maintenance, so we understand the complexities of switching from steam-based hot water generation to Flo-Direct®. Our experts will provide you with all the engineering support needed to ensure a smooth de-steaming process and turnkey installation.

Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Water Heaters maintain 99.7% (HHV) efficiency throughout every phase of operation. They consume no fuel during warm-up or when idle, nor do they lose any energy through steam conversion. Water comes in contact with heat from combustion more than once, ensuring that virtually all of the heat and energy generated during combustion is captured by the water.

Simple in design and operation, Flo-Direct® water heaters are constructed of all stainless steel with no internal moving parts and their compact size requires only minimal floor space. They are ideal for a broad range of hot water applications, including wash-down, batch production, vessel filling, tank cleaning and more.

The Advantages of Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Water Heaters

Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Water Heater
  • 99.7% efficient (HHV*) Flo-Direct® utilizes practically all the energy available in the gas
  • Fast return on investment
  • Fuel savings as high as 30-60% when compared to steam/water heating systems
  • Heats water on demand
  • Same efficiency at all demands
  • Improved CO2 emissions
  • Lower maintenance
  • No insurance inspections required
  • No specialist staff required
  • Resistant to scaling
  • Drinking water compliant
  • No water treatment required
  • 10-year warranty on body and internals
  • 2-year warranty on all other components

Resists Scale Build-Up

The unique design resists scale build-up, so if hard water enters Flo-Direct®, the same hard water exits the unit without leaving a mineral deposit behind.

Unrivaled Performance and Efficiency—How Flo-Direct® Works

Incoming water enters the top of the water heater through a series of calibrated dispersion nozzles. The cold water travels downward through a bed of multifaceted, stainless steel packing media (pall rings), where it breaks into smaller droplets.

A burner mounted on top of the unit fires downward through a centrally located flame tube that is cooled by incoming cold water. All fuel gases are consumed within the flame tube. This design enables all combustion to take place within a dry and cool environment and produces very low levels of nitrous oxide (NO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Heat from the flame enters the lower chamber from the bottom of the flame tube and travels slowly upward through packing material called pall rings.

Moving in opposite directions, the descending water and rising hot gases both pass through the bed of packing material. As the water comes in contact with the hot gases, efficient heat transfer occurs. This results in a "rain" of hot water that falls into a lower chamber and is pumped out to a storage tank.

Water temperatures up to 85°C (185°F) are available within a minimum of 30 seconds after the unit starts. Outlet water temperature is set with a valve controlling incoming water flow. More incoming water results in cooler outlet water temperatures; less incoming water produces hotter outlet water temperatures. The products of combustion are exhausted out of the top of the unit, and are normally within a few degrees of incoming water temperature.

Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Water Heater

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