Maintaining Accurate and Precise Storage Tank Temperatures




Lavera, France


LBC Lavera’s customers required accurate, low temperature storage tanks with no risk of overheating their specific products.

Armstrong International proposed to LBC to assess the possibility of feeding the tanks‘ coils with hot water instead of steam. Armstrong also proposed to design the hot water system. Considering the volume of each tank, the dimensions of the coils, the thermal characteristic of fluids stored, Armstrong calculated the radiation losses for worst cases.

Based on these calculations, Armstrong’s specialized engineer evaluated the heat needed to compensate the radiation losses. A detailed study was also conducted to design the water loop and the hot water package production with a steam/water heat exchanger. The existing coils design was able to handle the load by using hot water instead of steam.

Scope of Work:

Armstrong delivered a complete Flo-H2O package with a pumping trap. The customer recommissioned an existing water loop for the project and connected it to the coils.


Armstrong’s new hot water system allows the storage tank to reach a correct temperature set point without affecting product quality.

Hydrocarbon / Chemical
Solution type: 
Hot Water Generation
LBC Lavera