FF-4700/4900 High Pressure Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap with Freely Floating Ball


For pressures to 1 245 psig (85.8 barg)…
Capacities to 315 lb/hr (142 kg/hr)

With models FF-4700 and FF-4900, you can install the float and thermostatic stainless steel trap on the IS-4 4-bolt connector to fit any piping configuration. You get the reliability of the freely floating ball and thermostatic design plus all the benefits of all-stainless steel construction.

  • A sealed, tamperproof package
  • A compact, lightweight trap
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance

Models FF-4700 and FF-4900 Float and Thermostatic steam traps combine savings in three important areas: energy, installation and replacement. Mounting the FF-4700 and FF-4900 on an IS-4 4-bolt connectors provide quick and easy in-line replacement.