rada solutions

Designed to address the challenges of modern healthcare, Rada faucets offer an abundance of smarter solutions not available in any other water control system.

Purely innovative.

We’re not just solving the challenges of using water in the healthcare setting. We’re bringing water controls into the digital age. Rada faucets can be networked and accessed using a Bluetooth®-enabled tablet or laptop.

Rada Digital Faucet

Fully programmable operation

Rada faucets can be programmed and monitored using a tablet or laptop. Adjust temperature, and flow, and flow times to operate in an acceptable and safe range, every time.

  • Temperature range: 86˚F - 120˚F
  • Flow times: 1 second – 1 hour

Flushing schedules

Automatic and flexible flushing schedules reduce microbial growth and maintain safe operating conditions. Create individual flushing routines suited to the water management need of each location.

  • Duty flush
    Prevent stagnation in under-used outlets by automatically flushing hot and cold supply pipes and outlet fixtures on an hourly, daily, or even weekly basis.
  • Cold flush
    Suppress microbial growth like Legionella pneumophila with regular flushing of cold supply pipes. Bring temperatures to a level where growth is significantly reduced.
  • Thermal disinfection
    Perform traditional water-based thermal disinfection on a regular basis using a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device. Thermal disinfection routines must be manually engaged and require supervision.


Advanced verification and recording

Electronic sensors monitor each flush, recording progress including failure conditions such as inability to reach or maintain proper temperatures. Up to 12 months of data are logged on the built-in memory, available for download or viewing on the programming app.

  • Using a Bluetooth®-enabled tablet or laptop, record supply and blend temperatures at any faucet to ensure correct levels are achieved. Routines must be manually engaged and requires supervision. System administrators can view the last seven days of faucet , helping to streamline hand-washing compliance.
  • Automatic time and date stamping of flushing status eases the task of detailed record keeping.
  • Download and archive data for reference, reporting, and data analysis.