Rada Design

In 2009, we determined a new approach was needed if we were going to reduce the risks associated with hand washing in healthcare organizations. So we went back to the drawing board and began work on a revolutionary new design for water controls.

Designed with health and safety in mind

When we designed Rada faucets, we focused on three key principles: make it easy to use, safe to use, and easy to clean. By starting with the benefits, we developed a smarter line of water controls that are not only innovative but also accessible to all users.

Rada Digital Faucet

faucets: design principles

Easy to use

  • Initiate flow and adjust temperature with natural gestures
  • Familiar and simple graphics provide clear visual feedback for every user
  • High-contrast color indicators illuminate when temperature changes

Safe to use

  • Non-touch temperature and flow controls reduce risk of cross infection
  • Surface temperature remains safe to touch at all times
  • Provides unmatched digital thermostatic accuracy

Easy to clean

  • Shaped to conform to the human hand for efficient cleaning
  • High tolerance manufacturing eliminates the need for infection-prone complex insert
  • Smart design results in fewer joints and crevices where bacteria can form

Mobile Thermal Utility Pods

Real benefits for modern healthcare

Rada digital thermostatic faucets were designed to address the growing concerns over water use in hospital settings. In fact, our digital water controls are the first to address all of the challenges of modern healthcare. We can’t fix a compromised water system, but we can be part of a comprehensive solution.

Manage water resources

Rada digital valves have programmable flow and metering options to help manage water consumption.

Comply with all applicable codes and standards

Rada faucets have been developed to comply with numerous global codes. The results are products that aren’t simply meeting standards but exceeding them around the world.

Address scalding

The valve provides fast and responsive temperature control, ensuring consistency across configurations and uses. In the event of a loss of power, a spring-loaded safety mechanism engages and interrupts water flow to protect users against scalding.

Access real-time data

Network connectivity and Bluetooth® capabilities enable users to collect and monitor data easily and automatically. Clients can use data to analyze trends, track water use, and troubleshoot hazards.

Lower the cost

Programmable flow and flow times allow systems administrators to calibrate settings for maximum water conservation without compromising hygiene. This could add up to significant savings over time.