Selecting the Right Steam Trap

At Armstrong, we know there is not one perfect steam trap—but there is a right trap for each type of application.

Our specialists can ensure that your steam traps are all properly selected, sized, installed and in working order, for the most effective, energy-efficient steam system. We consider the total cost of operation for your system, including the lifecycle of each trap, which can vary according to pressure and application.

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For a clear understanding of steam traps, visit Armstrong University

Armstrong University's online Steam Trap course

Armstrong University's online course covers the purpose of steam traps, various trap types, selection and sizing for specific applications, and typical maintenance and prevention measures.

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Effective Steam Trapping for Your Application, Industry and Lifecycle of Installation

Armstrong's dependable, rugged, hardworking steam traps are engineered to provide energy efficiency, minimal steam loss, corrosion resistance, air and CO2 venting, operation against back pressure, freedom from dirt problems, and long, dependable service. Our comprehensive range of steam traps includes:

  • Bimetallic superheat steam traps
  • Clean steam thermostatic steam traps
  • Disc steam traps
  • Dual orifice steam traps
  • Float and thermostatic steam traps
  • Inverted bucket steam traps
  • Steam trap options and connectors
  • Thermostatic steam traps
  • Thermostatic wafer steam trap
  • Trap valve stations
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Case Studies

The Proof: How Long Do Armstrong Inverted Bucket Steam Traps Really Last?

World's Largest Oil Refiner, Global

Download PDF

Major Oil Refinery Realizes Over $1 Million in Savings After Extensive Steam Trap Upgrades

Marathon, Illinois, U.S.

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Steam and Condensate System Management for Large Chemical Company Includes 4,000 Steam Traps

Rohm & Haas Company, Texas, U.S.

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Multi-year Agreement to Maintain and Optimize Food Facility's Steam System With 1,200 Steam Traps

H.J. Heinz, Ontario, Canada

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Recommendations from Armstrong University

Steam Traps

Learn about: the purpose of steam traps, steam trap types, how to size and select traps, and typical maintenance and preventative measures.

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O&M Best Practices for Steam Users

Topics include: the importance of steam user quality, identification of key performance indicators, best practices for steam users, equipment maintenance and routine checks, and key attributes of standard operating procedures.

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Testing Steam Traps

Learn about: reasons for steam trap testing, economics of energy savings associated with repair or replacement of failed traps, how to test common types of traps and recommended frequency.

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College of Steam Users Package

Includes 12 courses. Lessons cover typical steam users in industrial and institutional environments. Other areas of focus include heat exchangers, steam tracing, control valves, steam traps and more.

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If you're interested in having Armstrong manage your trap population for you, or you're ready to know more about tools and training to start your own program, contact your rep for more details.

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