HLAR Series

HLAR Series

HLAR Series High-Leverage Ball Float Type Air Relief Traps

For low flows at pressures to 2,700 (186 bar) or specific gravity down to 0.49

Armstrong developed the high-leverage series of air-relief traps especially for venting gases from low-specific- gravity fluids at high pressures. They use standard Armstrong forged steel bodies with very high leverage air-relief mechanisms. They are available with screwed, socketweld or flanged connections.


NOTE: Models 2313-HLAR, 2316-HLAR, 2413-HLAR and 2415-HLAR are also available with cast T-316 stainless steel body and all-stainless steel internals. Consult factory.

Sour gas service

Forged steel and stainless steel traps can be modified to resist hydrogen sulfide stress corrosion. These modifications involve annealing the float, which will reduce the maximum working pressure of the float to about half its normal value. Consult Armstrong Application Engineering for allowable working pressures.