Efficient Process Water for Bottle Warming


Pepsi Beverage Company Americas 


Sommers, New York 

Scope of Work:

Armstrong designed, engineered and turnkey installed Flo-Direct gas-fire hot water heating systems on 13 production lines at eight Pepsi Beverage Company facilities to complete can/bottle warmer optimizations. The Flo-Direct® Complete Thermal Exchange (CTE) installations reduced natural gas consumed by Pepsi Americas by 37% and reduced CO2 emissions by 4,125 tons per year. 
Armstrong’s turnkey service included facility and system assessment, energy analysis, the Flo-Direct product, project costing design, project management, operational commissioning, personal training and a final inspection. As a result, Pepsi found natural gas savings at or better than planned and a 70% reduction in mechanical repair orders and preventative maintenance time for all affected areas.

Overall, Armstrong completed the project in just 10 weeks with zero production interruptions and installation delays.

Upgrade Projects:

Pepsi’s overall experience of quality, speed and product satisfaction throughout all eight facilities led to naming Armstrong’s Flo-Direct the standard for warmer optimizations and quality performance applications.


• Reduced natural gas costs by an average of 35%
• Water Reduction: Flo-Direct recovers “free water’’ at the rate of  over 30 gallons per hour or 1,217,000 gallons a year
• Return investment: Invested $1,632,838—less than 3-year simple payback, 21% IRR
• Increased tempering of warmer water efficiently, improved water capacity and productivity
• Eliminated inefficient heat generated throughout the facility
• Reinforced a “green” image by reducing natural gas consumption and CO2 emissions 
• Rapid implementation and installation reduces cost and energy usage

~ North America
Food & Beverage
Solution type: 
Hot Water Generation
Pepsi Beverage Company Americas