Hose Station - FMCD

STEAMIX® Model 2033-FMCD is a steam/water mixing valve of brass/stainless steel construction. The valve is supplied as standard with 3/4" inlet union connections with integral strainers, an outlet ball valve for flow control and an outlet dial thermometer. The unit is supplied fully assembled, pressure-tested and installed on a stainless steel hose rack.

STEAMIX Model 2033-FMCD includes 25 feet of “safety yellow” washdown hose rated for 400 psi (28 bar) and 400˚F (88˚C), rubber cushioned spray nozzle with, swivel adapter, a stainless steel nozzle hook and inlet check valves.

STEAMIX Model 2033-FMCD is mounted within Type-304 stainless steel, two-door cabinet with a 2" (50 mm) flange, and it is designed for recessed installation. The cabinet doors have a recessed “toggle” handle. All exposed surfaces have a #4 brushed finish. The bottom of the cabinet is crosscut to drain any water accidentally discharged within the cabinet.

FMCD cabinets are manufactured to order and can be modified to include customer requirements such as increased dimensions, vacuum breakers, compressed air and/or fluid lines, pressure-reducing valves and gauges, extra hose lengths, and more.

STEAMIX® Steam and Water Hose Stations and Mixing Units will not pass live steam.

Steamix mixing valve, featured on all Steamix steam and water hose stations by Armstrong, will not pass live steam in the event of either a significant pressure reduction or complete failure of the cold-water supply.

Steamix is designed to improve efficiency and reduce risk when mixing steam and water for washdown. When your process demands high washdown temperatures, adjusting the mix of steam and water becomes much more difficult and dangerous. With the older style dual-globe valve mixing “Y,” it is too easy to introduce too much steam—with risky consequences for your personnel. Here’s why it’s no problem with Steamix.


  • In the event of either a complete failure of the inlet cold-water supply or a reduction in cold-water pressure to below 20 (+/-5) psi (1.4 bar), STEAMIX will respond with a complete shutdown of outlet flow.
  • If there is a structural failure of the primary operating component (diaphragm), STEAMIX will “fail safe” to cold water.
  • To prevent over-temperature selection by the user and the potential for overheated water and flash steam presentation common with other types of hose stations, STEAMIX can be supplied with either a single-temperature lockout or a maximum temperature-limiting option.