Water Temperature Control for Patient Safety


Chase Farm Hospital


Gordon Hill, Enfield, United Kingdom


Chase Farm Hospital provides a range of medical services to the surrounding area. The hospital completely refurbished the boiler room of an older ward known as the Surgi Center, which includes a mechanical room, two operating theaters, an outpatient wing, and endoscopy and physiotherapy units. The mechanical room housed a 40-year-old, 1,056 gallon (4,000 liter) capacity storage calorifier that took steam from a central boiler. This equipment was unreliable and was wasting water through leakage.

Scope of Work:

To replace the existing equipment, the hospital required a reliable and consistent source of domestic hot water at 149ºF (65ºC) to serve the Surgi Center. Armstrong International supplied a Digital-Flo© heat exchanger package to provide instantaneous hot water and digital control technology by The Brain® Digital Recirculation Valve. The temperature for the Surgi Center is pre-set at 149ºF (65ºC) and can be left with confidence to operate without further attention to ±2ºF (±1ºC). The total on-site installation was completed with a PRV station to reduce pressure from 101.5 psig to 14.5 psig (7 to 1 barg).


Since installation, the Digital-Flo© package has performed flawlessly. Chase Farm Hospital enjoyed the added security of The Brain® and the insurance it provides for temperature control issues. The Brain® removes the need for a control valve and condensate pump therefore alleviated the hospital’s critical space and installation issues. In addition, Armstrong has provided Chase Farm Hospital with detailed support since initial contact.

Solution type: 
Digital Water Temperature Control
Chase Farm Hospital