Operations and Maintenance to Lower Operations Costs and Boost Knowledge Base of Staff


Detroit Diesel


Detroit, MI

Scope of Work:

Armstrong International is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the steam generation assets. Armstrong’s site supervisor will be responsible for management of six on-site operators, providing energy management expertise, and developing cost reduction opportunities.

The peak steaming capabilities are 130,000 pph.

Upgrade Projects:

Pursuant to its responsibilities, Armstrong provided the following upgrade projects:

  • Blowdown heat recovery installation

  • Surveyed, databased, repaired, and replaced the steam trap population

  • Completed insulation upgrade installation

  • Installed a HVAC system demand control system

  • Upgraded air handling unit controls system

  • Reduced overall steam demand allowing shutdown of a boiler

  • Reduced required steam pressure

  • Upgraded cooling water system controls

  •  Optimized boiler combustion

  • Automated chilled water plant


Total value of this agreement is $3,800,000.


Three-year operations and maintenance agreement began in September 2003. Contract was extended through 2011 from 2003 start date.


Armstrong provided on-site expertise that has lowered the site’s operating costs, significantly reduced energy usage, developed appropriate back-up and emergency processes, and improved the knowledge base and morale of site operators.

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Operations and Maintenance Services
Detroit Diesel