Energy Audit of Heat Exhanger Efficiency


Prayon Rupel
Phosphoric Acid Unit


Engis, Belgium


During an energy audit of the facility, Armstrong International engineers discovered, through the use of thermography, that key production heat exchangers were not able to deliver desired temperatures.  Plant personnel agreed this lack of temperature output was greatly reducing their production capacity.  The audit provided many energy saving ideas, but the plant personnel appreciated this increased product throughput idea the most.

Scope of Work:

To solve this unique production problem, Armstrong designed and installed custom steam traps to address an abundance of flash steam and condensate in these heat exchanger applications.  Furthermore, Armstrong altered the piping to insure adequate removal and retrieval of condensate from the entire area within each heat exchanger.


Prayon was able to increase the production of phosphoric acid as a result of Armstrong’s recommendations.  This system solution had a payback of less than two months. 

Hydrocarbon / Chemical
Solution type: 
Flash Steam
Prayon Rupel