Composit Audit of Utility Services


GE Plastics


Burkville, AL


Armstrong International performed a composite audit of the utility services at the GE Plastics Facility in Burkville, Alabama.  Maintenance monitoring audits shall be performed on a quarterly basis with a focus on energy conservation.

Scope of Work:

  • Tracing

    • Plant wide steam tracing system design recommendations

    • Quarterly audits shall include monitoring tracer circuits and steam condensate manifolds with engineered P&ID updates

  • Insulation

    • Plantwide utility piping insulation

    • Quarterly inspections to maintain best in class

  • Steam Traps

    • Plantwide steam trap population

    • Quarterly inspections to maintain energy conservation efficiency    

  • Compressed air and N2

    • Plantwide air and nitrogen systems

    • Quarterly inspections shall include maintenance monitoring of potential leaks

  • Cooling water survey and Delta-T-Optimization

    • Plantwide cooling water survey

    • Quarterly inspections of temperature indicators, pressure indicators and heat exchanger optimums (Delta-T) for energy conservation efficiency


GE Plastics recognized substantial annual energy cost savings by implementing best in class utility maintenance and relying on an intelligent monitoring database. GE Plastics also improved utility piping/insulation system efficiency and reduced the number of unscheduled maintenance. GE’s maintenance personnel’s efficiency has also been enhanced.

~ North America
Hydrocarbon / Chemical
Solution type: 
Optimization Services
GE Plastics