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March 22nd, 2017

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.” Psalm 127:3

On a beautiful, crisp and chilly morning here in Southwestern Michigan, I once again arrived at my office parking lot thinking about what God had in store for today.

Someone asked me once how I set my agenda for the day? My answer was, “That is something very fluid. I do try to set an agenda and schedule, but that can change with one phone call. Then, I am off to the hospital, nursing home, the home of someone grieving the loss of a loved one, or behind closed doors in my office as life dissolves before my eyes as I see a torn soul falling apart. I pray God gives me the right words to say to give them hope and lift them up from the sorrowful pit they are mired in.”

This morning, God had something more in mind. As I got out of my car, one of our employee’s was passing by as I said, “Good Morning Troy.” That greeting led to a conversation about an upcoming Spring Break get away for his family. But, this encounter was to be more involved than either of us anticipated.

While we talked, Troy took out his phone to play a video his son, Brady, had made as a senior at Centreville High School. Standing there in the parking lot, shivering from the cold, we watched and the tears began to flow from each of us.

These were the pictures and memories of the past 18 years as a student athlete who took sports very seriously. The victories. The defeats. The highs from winning. The lows from losing. The coaches who taught and led them. The friends who fought with them. The words Brady spoke. Words from his heart. Words of a proud young man who knows his place and who is experiencing the end of one chapter of his life closing and a new chapter that will soon begin.

Beside me, Troy stood shaking. Not from the cold, but from seeing his son’s life flash before his eyes and the realization it has gone so quickly by as if only a flash. His breathing was held back and the tears flowed from a proud father as his son continued his video presentation held earlier at his school gathering.

God has given us our sons and our daughters as a heritage from Him. Our children carry on a legacy of family values.

For many of us, our children have already grown into adulthood. But, there are still those of us who are raising young children, complaining about the way they do or don’t do things at times and not realizing how swiftly these years will pass.

And then, there will be a video or pictures, and we will wish with all of our hearts to go back in time to hold that little boy or girl we once knew just yesterday.

Thank you Father God for giving us the gift of our children as a heritage.

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