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December 5, 2017


1. Noting a relationship between or events such that one or more are the results of the other or others.

Have you ever considered the subject of “cause and effect?” I am not sure why, but just yesterday it kept running through my mind. The things we do or do not do for a certain reason or “cause” have an “effect” that can be either edifying or destructive.

Raising children can be full of cause and effect issues. Parents set rules “cause” they want to or need to so the home runs smoothly and safely. When that cause is broken, there is usually an effect. The parent loses their sanity possibly and the child runs from the effect to hide until the storm has passed. The child may be confused by so many “ifs” and “buts” in the family policies. If they obey things go swimmingly. If not, well, that’s where the “buts” come into the picture.

During my times of studying the Bible, I have noticed there is also cause and effect scripturally. The conjunction “if” for example stuck out to me years ago as I read and it was obvious that certain truths pertained “if” the reader did certain things and obeyed certain rules. And, “if not” the reader would not experience the fullness that God has for them.

So, how many “ifs” do you think there are in the bible? Well, I had to google this one to find out. It depends on which bible version. There are 1,673 times in the English standard version; 1,588 times in the American standard version; and 1,670 times in the Modified King James version.

Is the word “if” that important? I think it is important to God and hopefully to us as well. It is something we could easily pass by while reading, but it is a hinge-word for sure that changes things as far as cause and effect is concerned.

We are the salt of the earth according to Jesus. But, “if” we lose our flavor, we lose our seasoning ability. Salt without its flavor is not a good thing. There are many “ifs” to be circled in our Bibles.

The more we study the Word of God the more we move forward with the cause and effect of the gospel. The more I read and study, the more of the mind of Christ I take in. The more time I neglect reading my Bible, I find the opposite effect and think more like me, which is not a good thing.

Cause and effect changes my soul which is made up of my will, my mind, and my emotions. If I do the will of God which I have found through much reading and prayer, then I do less of my own will that is usually opposed to God. The more I study and pray, the more my mind is transformed and renewed. Once I continue on this path, my emotions are settled, secure, firm, and I stand strong in faith, less in doubt and unbelief.

When it comes down to it we are not really any different than our children at times. We want our own way and stomp our feet when we don’t get it. We have our own plans, try to make our own way, and then God reminds us that we are His children whom He loves very much and has the good and perfect gifts for us. Father knows best.

We may wonder at times why people react a certain way to us when we speak or just do our normal routine. Maybe we are the cause to their effect. I stand guilty way too often of this truth.

God is still perfecting us, changing us, transforming us. It is a life-long process, at least for me.

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