Water Hammer Mitigation


Dow Chemical


Freeport, TX


Armstrong International designed, engineered, and installed a complete condensate return solution to correct the persistent water hammer problem the site encountered. Plant engineering, as well as site contract engineering, had been trying to solve the continuous water hammer problem for years.

Scope of Work:

To relieve Dow Chemical of the reoccurring water hammer problems, Armstrong implemented the following solutions:

  • Engineered and installed (4) separate condensate pumping stations

  • Engineered and installed (2) separate flash tank stations

  • Engineered and installed re-runs of multiple condensate lines

  • Insulated all condensate lines

  • Recommended, replaced, and properly sized steam traps

  • Engineered and installed air vents on all heat exchangers


The water hammer problem was corrected. Dow enjoyed energy savings from the project as well as faster heat-up times in the heat exchangers. Additional, sections of the plant will now receive the same review and effort.

~ North America
Hydrocarbon / Chemical
Solution type: 
Water Hammer
Dow Chemical