Unreliable Hot Water Caused by Failed Thermostatic


The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center


The Woodlands, Texas


Armstrong International through its representative affiliate Texas Steam and Instrumentation specified, supplied, and commissioned two complete Brain® Digital Mixing Centers (DMC1-BS1) to replace eight hi-lo style thermostatic mixing valves, which continuously failed to supply mixed water to high rise and low rise floors consisting of 341 guest rooms total. The hotel frequently replaced failed thermostatic valves and spent approximately $1,500 per valve rebuild kit. Additionally, hotel management received constant guest complaints regarding the water temperature.


The two DMC1-BS1 pre-piped installations have since provided accurate set point water temperature with minimal maintenance. The property has also benefited from the following:

Safety: Constant and accurate water temperature prevents potential scalding.

Accuracy: Outlet temperature to system is +/- 2°F

Connectivity: The Brain® and BrainScan™ communicate through an onboard status display and remotely through a Building Automation System to provide self diagnostics, alarms and temperature trending.


Before Installation:

After Installation:

~ North America
Solution type: 
Digital Water Temperature Control
The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center